Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Release with 1109 genomes is here

The May 2011 release of OMA consists of 1109 genomes is now online. The interruption of the OMA Browser was only for a short time, now everything should work well.

The current release contains many new and updated plant (Cassava, Rice, Ostreococcus) and insect genomes (Louse, Mosquito, Aphid, several Flies), the Giant Panda and various new Archaea and Bacterias.

From this release on, we also provide cross-references to Refseq and EntrezGene identifiers for protein sequences which are identical.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Coming up: new release with 1109 genomes

Good news! We have finally finished the computation of a new data set with 1109 genomes.

The new data set will be available in the OMA Browser within the next two days. This can cause short interruption of the web server. Sorry for any inconveniences. The data of the current release will be available in the OMA Browser Archive.