Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Release with 1320 species

We have finished the computation of a new OMA release including now orthologs among 1320 genomes. Besides 116 new genomes (including metazoans such as the atlantic cod, the ant and chinese softshell turtle) we again have updated many important eukaryotes, i.e. C. elegans, fruit fly, mouse, dog, pig, chimpanzee, honeybee and the rabbit genomes.

From this release on, we slightly adapt our orthology inference pipeline. Now, we do no longer test whether genes from species belonging to different kingdoms are apparent orthologs because of differential gene loss (our "witness of non-orthology" verification step). The rational for this decision is that the necessary duplication event must have happend prior to the speciation event of the two species in question, i.e. before LUCA, and hence these cases are not very reliable witnesses.

The data of the previous release is still available in the OMA Browser Archive for download.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Coming up: new release with 1320 genomes

Dear OMA users,

we have finished the computation of a new data set with 1320 genomes.

The new data set will be available in the OMA Browser within the next two days. This can cause a short interruption of the web server. Sorry for any inconveniences. The data of the current release will afterwards be available in the OMA Browser Archive.